5* Review: The Rise of the Resistance – Jackie D.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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Whilst this story is one of a dystopian future, there were parts which felt eerily like the beginnings of our current reality.

Jackie D. does an excellent job of weaving a story that depicts what happens when fear of the ‘other’ and a lack of understanding and communication of those differences is allowed to take root in a society.
In parts, it wouldn’t take much to stretch your imagination, to see the footholds of the story reflected in some of todays more divisive rhetoric.

The ‘end of the world’ aspect of the book is nicely balanced out with a story of hope, one which was put in place and has laid dormant for seven decades in the form of the Phoenix Project.

There’s a beautiful synergy between the main characters; Macy, Valour, Arrow and Kaelyn. But none more so than the main relationship between Arrow and Kaelyn.
Whilst theirs could be perceived as instant love, i think the relationship corresponds nicely with their roles having been put in motion long before they ever meet.

Arrow has spent her whole life learning and training for the moment that Phoenix One is awakened. Kaelyn meanwhile awakens into a world which she though she’d be prepared for, but in reality seeks solace in the grounding force that is Arrow.
As such their romance may take root quickly but the progression of Arrow’s and Kaelyn’s relationship is a fitting balance to the turbulent and fraught world surrounding them.

All in all a really fantastic story, which i truly hope is the beginning of a series. I feel like this story is only just unraveling itself and there’s plenty of scope to explore what happens next in a variety of directions, whether that be with Arrow and Kaelyn, Nora MacLeod or Phoenix Two, Three or Four. It’s certainly a journey i’d like to see more of.

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