3-5* Review: The WeHo Series – Sherryl D. Hancock

Rating: 3 out of 5.
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A West Hollywood (WeHo) romance series, that is sure to have something to offer anyone who wishes to delve into this expansive, predominately law enforcement focused, universe.

I’ve completed this 21 book series over the course of a year and whilst there were a few books that i felt didn’t always hit the mark, by and large i enjoyed this series immensely, with most stories averaging a 4* rating.

From the beginning of this collection, it is clear that Hancock puts her time at the Department of Justice to good use, with many characters coming from a law enforcement background. However as the collection progresses so too does the diversity of the characters in each new book, from world famous singers, to an MMA winner turned bodyguard, military personnel to Latina dancers.

Mirroring the diverse characters are the equally varied backgrounds of said characters, which usually pave the way for each books individual storyline. Throughout the 21 novels, Hancock covers a wide range of topics including, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, PTSD, cults, cancer, suicide attempts and prostitution to name but a few.

Whilst these topics won’t be to everyone’s tastes, i don’t mind the books i read to have a bit of grit and reflect the darker side of life. That said whilst the topics are far from glossed over they are equally not so in depth as to be disturbing – there’s more left off the page than on.

What i really enjoyed with this series is that at the end of every book, you are briefly introduced to the main characters which will feature in the following book. In addition to just genuinely appreciating a series with continuing characters, the sneak peak of new characters, always left me itching to get started on the next story.

On top of that, expensive sports cars and motorcycles are featured throughout the series and whilst i don’t own any of the aforementioned, i did window shop (via google) every single one! And of course with fast cars comes epic music; something else which features abundantly throughout each story, a few of which have found their way onto my Apple Music downloads.

Overall, i found the WeHo series to be engaging enough to keep my attention for 21 books, but simple enough and without too much angst so as not to become worn out by the sheer quantity. I usually don’t include anything overly negative in my reviews, as what one worse person hates another may love and that’s for an individual to decide. However, i do think it’s important to point out that the first few books of this series do include a fair amount of typos/errors. Some readers may find this jarring, personally i persevered and found that the quality of writing improves as the series progresses, so ultimately i was glad i kept going.

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