Books of 2022

Whether you’re a ‘lets celebrate the new year’ type of person, or someone that’s likely to have slept through it all, there’s no denying we’re officially in 2022. And with a new year, comes a new Goodreads target, the commencement of Jae’s Sapphic Book Bingo 2022 and of course more brand new releases to look forward to.

But in the spirit of the festive fog where no one knows what day it is, nevermind what year we’re in, my top 10(ish) books to read in 2022 are collated from old favourites that i want to make time to re-read, books released in 2021 which i just never got to and the occasional actual 2022 release!

  • Breaking Legacies – Zoe Reed – High expectations from the author that produced my favourite book of 2021!
  • In Our Words – Anne Shade (story selection), Victoria Villasenor (editor) – The beauty of own voice stories is the exploration and growing understanding of a life lived differently to your own, even within the realms of fiction.
  • Outlove – Julie Rodgers – The author featured in the Netflix documentary, Pray Away, following the survivors and former leaders of conversion therapy. The book explores Rodgers’ life before and after her time at the now defunct Exodus International.
  • The Hummingbird Sanctuary – Erin Zak – Front covers sell books! Due for release in April 2022.
  • The Extractor Trilogy – Robyn Nyx – Landry and Delaney, two characters i’ve never entirely been able to say goodbye to, even 3 years down the line. Previously published by Bold Strokes Books and now due to be re-released independently in 2022. Perfect time for a re-read.
  • Dead Pretty – Robyn Nyx – Not pictured – due for release in February 2022. The current blurb reads – “It’s a romantic intrigue: An FBI agent, a TV mortician, and a serial killer.” What more could you wish for in one book!
  • The Darkness Trilogy – K.C. Luck – A series which begins at the very moment the lights go out and continues onwards, showcasing my favourite genre and featuring the unforgettable Jackie and Taylor, i’ll re-read this series to pave the way to my first time reading…
  • Wind Dancer – K.C. Luck – Book 4 of what is now the Darkness Series.
  • The Island Between Us – Wendy Hudson – I’ve always fancied doing some sort of wilderness/survival course, hence the instance addition to my reading list.
  • The Transgender Issue: An Argument for Justice – Shon Faye – A divisive ‘issue’ even within our own community. As a firm believer in ignorance isn’t an excuse, reading non-fiction own voice books are my way of continuing my own education on all manner of subjects.
  • Afterlife Inc. Trilogy – Brey Willows – The series which introduced me to and cemented my love of urban fantasy, to the point where i often wonder do Gods walk among us and if they do, however would we know? Maybe they already do and no-one has realised it yet! Either way, you actually don’t need to have read this trilogy to pick up Willow’s latest offering (see below), but any excuse and all that…
  • Song of Serenity – Brey Willows – Released in December 2021 and the first in a nine book series entitled Memory’s Muses. It’s been 2 years since Willows’ last release and the excitement of sinking back into the Afterlife Inc universe on a whole new adventure, knows no bounds.
  • Wasteland – Kristen Keppler and Allisa Bahney – Released June 2021 and the first in The Badlands series, this offering first caught my attention in a Bold Strokes Books online author reading. Pairing dystopian and military themes with new (to me) authors means i’m hoping to check this out in 2022.
  • Outland – Kristen Keppler and Allisa Bahney – Due for release in July 2022, the sequel to Wasteland and hopefully one to read, should the first book be a hit.

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