Bookish Dilemmas

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The Trap of Kindle Unlimited

I recently stopped my Kindle Unlimited subscription, not because we’ve had a lovers tiff; in fact quite the opposite.

It would seem that our relationship is akin to those first flushes of love, whereby everything and anything is eclipsed by the rapture of newness, to the detriment of the rest of your life. All to say, that my love affair with Kindle Unlimited has run rampant over everything else bookish in my life. I can literally hear my physical books and eBooks crying for attention and my To Read List rotting from ever extending age.

So I’ve said bye-bye to my Kindle Unlimited subscription for the moment, until we meet again! Time to devote myself to the rest of my unread book collection and tackle my other book dilemma…

The Sweet Anticipation of Procrastination

I have a deeply ingrained habit of putting off reading books that i actually REALLY want to read – and subscribing to Kindle Unlimited has been THE perfect excuse to entrench that behaviour even more.

There is something so alluring about anticipation, a space where uncertainty creates endless possibilities. The sweet intricate dances between an author publishing their works, owning the book and actually reading it. It’s an infinite timeline, one which i like to stretch to the extreme. Holding onto the anticipation of the journey that is yet to come. Knowing you’ll never get that first experience again, even if the book becomes a much loved favourite, each time you delve into it will always be different to the last.

I’d dearly love to promise you all that I’ll break the habit. I probably won’t. It’s too enticing a dance. But for now at least Kindle Unlimited might offer one less avenue for procrastination.

And for those of you wondering which books I’m currently holding out on:

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