Queer the Shelves LGBT+ Book Fest

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It’s been a while, but Queer the Shelves is back and it’s gonna be a FUN weekend…..with actual people!

And books, let’s not forget the books!!!

In a little under two weeks, i’ll be heading with my wife to the Queer the Shelves literary festival, hosted at Waterstones, Nottingham and run by Global Wordsmiths.

For me it’s a bittersweet event, i love what this weekend is all about; a joyous celebration and coming together of queer words, books, authors and readers. On the other hand, i find these types of events personally challenging and right now even more so. It’s been a turbulent time, my mental health isn’t all that stable and i know there will be elements of this weekend that have the potential to be triggering.

BUT – despite everything, i wouldn’t miss this weekend for the world.

I love, love, love what the folks at Global Wordsmiths do – Queer the Shelves brings something different to the table and crucially, is a truly inclusive event. It doesn’t matter how you identify, or indeed what your mental health struggles are, you’ll be welcomed and more importantly you’ll feel at home.

Queer the Shelves is a much needed safe space to enjoy the things we love and to partake in as much or as little of it as we wish. With a relaxed structure to the day, it’s easy to dib in and out between sessions and if it all feels too much, there’s four floors of books to quietly explore in Waterstones, Nottingham, whilst you take a minute. There’s no pressure to participate, it’s okay to just sit, listen and enjoy the atmosphere if that’s your jam, equally there’s a pretty great after party if you’re a more social being!

So, whether you’re on your own wondering if you’ll fit in, or with friends, debating plans for your next weekend get together, why not come along to Queer the Shelves and have yourself a little literary fun. I can promise you won’t find a more welcoming bunch of lgbtq+ folk to hang out with.

And did i mention books…….lots and lots of queer books!

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