5* Review: Fury’s Death – Brey Willows

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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Book 3 in the Afterlife Inc. series

The saying ‘save the best till last’ rings true in the closing book of the Afterlife Inc. trilogy. Willows’ once again delivers on what i’ve come to think of as her trademark when she writes in the fantasy genre; an action packed story that defies possibility whilst simultaneously feeling realer than real, flawed main characters who seemingly thrive on witty remarks, hot/sexy/tender sex (take your pick), a stellar support cast, and finally thought provoking sub-topics to sink your book teeth into.

In keeping with the first two books in the series, Fury’s Death concentrates on a different Fury sister, the red Fury – Megara Graves, alongside Dani Morana aka Death.

Whilst Meg doesn’t share her sisters doubts in what she and they do, she instead finds herself doubting who she is, outside of the wild child or in this case, wild Fury reputation she’s built for herself. Meanwhile Dani is lonely, as the collector and caretaker of souls, no-one seems to be able to see past her daily work garb of black hooded robe and scythe. Who knew Death could crave the company of a loving partner? And how exactly do you tame a Fury?

“You’re like a never-ending pit of sex and food.” Zed threw a piece of candy at her.

Fury’s Death, Brey Willows

As long time friends, Meg and Dani embark upon a journey of discovery together; as their individual purposes and feelings become clear, the race is on to put Chaos back behind the cosmic door she came from, before humanity and the world are destroyed for good.

Alec wrapped her big black wings around Selene and closed her eyes. “I’m fully aware i can’t stop you. Promise me you’ll stay behind us, though?”

Fury’s Death, Brey Willows

I love that Willows’ novels always have so much depth to them – her stories perpetually go beyond the surface level. In Fury’s Death readers are introduced to a softer, altruistic version of Death, far removed from mainstream depictions of the Grim Reaper.

Through Willows’ imaginative writing we see that perhaps there is more to Death then just death; maybe she’s a caretaker of souls, rather than the harbinger of doom. Could it be that there isn’t just Heaven, Hell and Limbo, but instead somewhere else for those unsure of what to believe in, to enjoy what ever comes next after death. It’s oddly comforting to think outside of the box and examine both religion and death from a different perspective.

In short Willows’ has a talent for writing unique stories, and it’s that refreshing originality that always leaves me yearning for more from this author. When you pick up one of Willows’ books, you know without a doubt, that the story lovingly encased between those pages, won’t be like anything you’ve read before.

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