5* Review: The Sound of Her Smile – Sara Scott

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A delightful tingle of anticipation; that’s what I felt when reading the first few lines of The Sound of Her Smile – that welcoming feeling of picking up where you left off.

And in a nutshell that’s exactly what this book does, it’s a continuation of Sophie Barnes and Jensy Willett’s story (it having begun in The Touch of Her Voice), a couple who despite everything in their pasts and irrespective of their present day troubles know that they are meant for one another.

As per the title – The Sound of Her Smile – is very much about Jensy finding her way back to and re-gaining the privilege of being privy to the sound of Sophie’s smile; in all of its guises.

“I used to believe that I couldn’t live without you. But I’ve realised that I can. If I have to, I can.”

Sara Scott, The Sound of Her Smile

With their relationship in shreds and Jensy having started something which she never dreamed Sophie would play a part in ending, neither are sure how to repair their once solid relationship, when so much has been lost to the turbulent waters of infidelity. And just when there looks to be light at the end of the tunnel, a harrowing tragedy threatens to not only permanently tear Sophie and Jensy apart, but also wreck their newly built foundations.

Is Jensy strong enough to find her way back to her everything, her Sophie, no matter the terror she now fears lies around every corner? Can Sophie hold onto hope for the both of them, even when Jensy places her at arms length?

“I’m not sure what I should feel” she said softly…
“Sad for all the things that never were, an now can never be,” I murmured.

Sara Scott, The Sound of Her Smile

As with the first book, The Sound of Her Smile is beautifully written and an absolute joy to read. I adore the way Sara Scott has chosen to tell Jensy and Sophie’s story. It is a patchwork of moments and candid snapshots told in the first person, which when taken as a whole chronicles the entirety of the couples lifes – from their accomplishments to their struggles; apart and together.

If you look closely, you might perceive Sophie and Jensy’s story for what (I believe) it truly is – a brutally honest and emotionally raw, yet equally elegant telling of the most imperfectly perfect love, relationship and life. A story befitting the reality of the flawed nature of romantic love. And whilst a less than perfect love story may not be every readers cup of tea, I continue to find Jensy and Sophie’s story, touchingly, achingly real. Steeped in trials and tribulations their love which was once fresh and glorious, and seemingly flawless, is now marred by life’s trajectory. Nevertheless that doesn’t mean their love for one another is inferior to what it once was. Rather, it is the realness of what love once was, now is, and can be which I feel Scott seeks to tell (so very, very well might I add) in The Sound of Her Smile. Scott has an exceptional talent for emotive storytelling, throughout every heart wrenching or heartwarming moment her writing never fails to ensure you feel every ounce of what you are reading.

I distinctly remember upon reaching the end of The Touch of Her Voice being desperate for the release of the next book in the series, and now, at the end of The Sound of Her Smile, I’m already (not so) patiently waiting for the next part of this couple’s journey. Over the course of two books I’ve grown to truly cherish Jensy and Sophie’s story and I genuinely look forward to where ever Sara Scott takes them next.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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