4* Review: Survival Instincts – May Dawney

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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Unlike many post apocalyptic novels, this story isn’t set in the immediate aftermath of societies collapse but a few hundred years after.

This difference lends itself nicely to creating a world that is wild and dangerous and whose human inhabitants can only ponder what some items would have been used for in days gone by.

I initially found the story a little slow to flourish, but in the end i really enjoyed this exploration of an untamed and vicious New York City, where animal predators are the new top dog and humans struggle for survival.

All kudos to the author for centering much of the books plot, action and dialogue on just the two main characters Lynn and Dani, plus their dog Skeever. Whilst there are other characters that do feature throughout the book, it’s a strong writer who can ensure that a reader is kept engaged when most of the novel hinges on just the interactions of two characters. It shouldn’t work and yet it wholeheartedly does.

Overall, a different take on this genre but absolutely well worth a read.

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