5* Review: Warm Pearls and Paper Cranes – E.V. Bancroft

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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A romance to span the ages – from 1939 to 2019, this book will whip the rug out from under your feet with its unique storyline and double romance.

The past and present are flawlessly brought together to showcase a timeless love story, that has weathered many storms – from a world war to ill health and unscrupulous family members. This story will make your heart ache with emotion and an unbridled ambition to achieve the level of love and care displayed throughout  Bea and Maud’s lifetimes.

Whilst this book explores the past, it also firmly has one foot in the present. I enjoyed the inclusion of the (present day) budding romance between Hannah and Suki, and their discovery of Maud’s past, and secret love via the letters sent between Bea and Maud in years gone by.

Hannah’s own struggles with her Gammy, and her place in Suki’s life, questions whether modern society is too quick to throw in the towel at the first sign of hardship. Love and understanding go a long way to repairing and reconciling the many broken and fragile relationships in this story. Ultimately paving the way for happiness and acceptance to win out.

All of the characters throughout the book are well developed. I particularly liked Harry and his laid back and tormentative, yet funny and caring older brother role. Meanwhile it was difficult to not want to give the self centred and hard arsed Amanda a literal slap at times.

The ending is truly sweet and heart warming and whilst this is a work of fiction, there are many factual points within this book which i found to be genuinely interesting. Not least the story of the paper cranes.

E.V. Bancroft’s debut novel is certainly not one to be missed. The high quality of this initial debut ensures that i’ll be seeking out what comes next from this author.

For now, Warm Pearls and Paper Cranes is sure to leave you warm and fuzzy, with a feeling of having traversed every minute of the last 80 years with Bea and Maud.

I received an ARC of this book for review from Butterworth Books, in exchange for an honest review.

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