5* Review: Come Dream with Me – Karen Klyne

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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A heart warming romance with a touching storyline.

Come Dream with Me is the story of two women, Dani and Angel, who navigate their existing lifes, commitments and emotional baggage to pursue their emerging attraction to each other.

This is the first book i’ve read by Karen Klyne and it hasn’t disappointed. I do love an author that can take a difficult, emotive subject and weave it seamlessly and sensitively into their story. Klyne achieves this beautifully with the dementia arc throughout this book.

My current personal experiences, initially created apprehension as to how well this topic would be handled, but it’s ultimately realistic without being too heavy – this is a romance novel after all!

The depictions of the nuances of dementia, its impacts on the people living with the range of dementia diseases, and their families, is told with a gracefulness and truth which speaks to lived experience or excellent research by the author.

Klyne clearly knows how to create banter between her characters, which leads to some fun, light hearted conversations between Dani and Angel. Their blossoming relationship however, is kept within the realm of realism i.e. these are two women in their forties who actually have jobs, commitments etc, which require as much attention as any new relationship. No unrealistic relationship goals to attain to in this story!

As an aside, I also loved Zac’s character as a confidante/second parent to his mum, Angel – their banter is exactly what i’d imagine for that dynamic.

Overall, i really enjoyed Come Dream with Me – the subject matter is handled with care and realism, without infringing on the often humorous and light heartedness of character relationships and dialogue. The main characters are realistic, and their romance is sweet, genuine and sexy when called for!

I received an ARC of this book for review from Butterworth Books, in exchange for an honest review.

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