5* Review: Scripted Love – Helena Harte

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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I really enjoyed Scripted Love – so much so, that i finished it in a little over 24hrs. It’s one of those books which has you turning the pages until the small hours, when the pages blur and you have to admit defeat – you won’t be finishing it tonight, no matter how much you might want to!

Harte is a new author to me and after reading Scripted Love (their second release), they certainly aren’t one to be missed. Harte has a style and flow of writing which i could really get onboard with. It’s hard to be specific, but there’s something about Harte’s ‘voice’ which makes the story all the more riveting.

The story itself is a sweet romance with an unusual dynamic between Rix, who believes in the whole shebang of HEA, and romance author -Layla, who may write HEA but only sees herself capable of a happy for now. The exploration of these completely opposite wants and beliefs makes for an interesting journey, set against the money driven and demanding backdrop of Hollywood.

The butch/femme pairing of Rix and Layla is swoon worthy and refreshingly different – whilst the sexual tension builds, Harte has Rix and Layla get to know each other on a more personal level before ultimately giving in to their desires.

Given the line in the sand of HEA or HFN, i would have welcomed more exploration of why Rix and Layla react the way they do as soon as a point of contention appears. Whilst there is some exploration of this, i loved these characters so much that i couldn’t help but want that background to go deeper.

Overall, a really fantastic read. I adored both the main characters and the two supporting characters, Syd and Jack. None of their stories feel completely finished, i think there’s more to know about and see from this foursome, so i’d be totally happy to see a prequel, sequel or spin off involving any of them!

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