5* Review: Changing Course – Brey Willows

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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What has always drawn me to Brey Willows’ work, is her exceptional gift for writing across genres.
Every story told intrinsically displays Willows’ talent for her craft and the ability to keep her writing unique and on point regardless of genre.
It’s what keeps me coming back for more.

I’m not a sci-fi fan by any means, in fact i often avoid this genre for  dislike of being subjected to endless detailed information about new worlds, new beings and new objects. It’s not for me. So, i did wonder if Changing Course would be the first book i wouldn’t like from Willows.

I needn’t have worried. There is a beautiful balance in Changing Course, between the world building that needs to happen from the author, and the use of the readers own imagination. At times it truly felt like Indemnion could exist out there, in space, somewhere.
It’s people, places, objects, culture, felt of this world and other all at the same time.

And so i enjoyed this aspect the most, the ability to take what the author shares with you and then use it to stretch your own imagination, to ponder the possibilities of the unknown without being weighed down in minute detail.

The book’s romance is layered and emotional, showing that love is not always straight forward. Kylin and Jessa have lived very different lives to this point, often dictated by the societies they were born into.
Their perilous journey explores whether Kylin and Jessa can be more than society has made them, and if so, can they adapt to build a meaningful relationship despite their vast differences.

Whilst Kylin and Jessa take the star roles, there are many supporting characters such as Asol and The Volare who are equally as interesting. I wouldn’t say no if Willows decided to explore both these characters’ past and future stories further!

Overall, Changing Course is testament to an author who is able to turn a readers head to consider a genre they wouldn’t usually entertain, and has the skill to induce actual engagement and enjoyment by the end of the book.

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