5* Review: The Golden Trinity – Robyn Nyx

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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Book One in the Chase Stinsen Adventure Series

Author extraordinaire Robyn Nyx, once again delivers another superb wlw book to sink your teeth into.

Unchartered is just the right mix of adventure and romance with an enemies to lovers/second chances theme.  

Throughout the story the author weaves a fine balance of action, danger and love, punctuated in all the right places with humourous banter and sexual innuendo.

These interactions between Chase and Rayne give levity to the more angst filled parts of the story without diluting the excitement of searching for The Golden Trinity.

Chase and Rayne start out in contempt of each other but their journey together has a redemptive nature. Both of these main characters are multifaceted, with their own histories and hang-ups that are somewhat processed on their adventure – ultimately allowing us to see their emotional walls start to come down.

The author is deft at fully fleshing out any secondary characters. I felt like i knew Tonyck, Ginn and Pablo as much as the main characters which adds layers to their interactions and the story as a whole.

Nyx writes unashamedly strong women loving women characters and like all of her previous works Nyx isn’t afraid to tackle hard topics. Uncharted delves into the plight of the Amazon and it’s indigenous people with a range of food for thought; deforestation, illegal logging, the ethics and morality of the antiquities trade to name but a few.

If you’ve got this far and are wondering what sets Uncharted apart from other adventure style books, for me it’s undoubtedly the ability that Nyx has to craft exquisite sentences. 

Just one of my favourites, ‘… Rayne still saw the escaping drops of liquid sorrow fall from Chase’s face…’, perfectly depicts Nyx’s writing talent. The skill to elevate even the simplest of reactions to the next level, to draw a reader into the story as if you were there, experiencing it yourself.

Oh and if you’ve been lucky enough to read Robyn Nyx’s wifes books written by Brey Willows, you’ll have fun hunting the easter eggs in Uncharted!!

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