Let’s Talk Series’

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A great series is a balm for the soul.

My adoration of series’ began as a child when my mum bought me an illustrated copy of Redwall by Brian Jacques, 22 books and a fair few years later, I was firmly sold on book after book of warrior mice and badger Lords.

Whilst the content of my reading choices might have changed, one thing has remained – the love of a lengthy series; we’re talking the likes of the 25 book Ben Hope series, the 27 book Jack Reacher series and the 22 book Temperance Brennan series – you get the gist!

Of late my reading has drifted back to catching up on new additions to existing series’ or pursuing non-fiction rather than read and review lesfic. In the last few months I’ve picked up very few queer books and I’ve found myself wondering why that is so.

The thing is, the last few months have been turbulent and whilst reading has always been my solace I’ve found myself needing the familiarity that comes with a long running series. The deeper the struggle the more my desire and motivation to get to know and discover new characters all but vanished, instead I’ve craved new stories featuring well-worn yet equally well-loved characters. The type of characters who after 20+ books make it feel like spending an afternoon with an old friend catching up on their latest adventure. One who can forgive the general distractedness, tired demeanor and lack luster responses.

It’s comforting, it’s familiar and it’s oh so easy to escape alongside them. They’re happy to accept the barest of emotional investments into their journey because there’s already a solid foundation between you and them; they’re simply happy to welcome you back to the fold needing very little in return.

I’ve needed that easy, simple affinity with characters who I’ve already done the hard work with. And whilst there are many lesfic/queer series’ out there, and a few are most certainly firm favourites of mine, I’ve yet to come across a truly long running series that features the same protagonist.

On that note, if you happen to know of such a series within the lesfic or queer realms drop me a line. I’d love to find one!

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