5* Review: The Lightning Series – Cass Sellars

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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This series has dwelled towards the bottom of my TRL for quite some time; having long since forgotten the series’ synopsis I was pleasantly surprised by the stories that awaited me. No, it wasn’t the scientific, post-apocalyptic extravaganza I had self-concocted, but instead a riveting intrigue/thriller page turner.

If you’re a reader that loves a main course of ‘Who dunnit’ or ‘Guess who’ served with a side of women in uniform/protection romance/first responders then look no further – these books have both the characters and the plot that you’ve been looking for.

Whilst the first book, Lightning Strikes, introduces the main cast of characters it by no means scrimps on the plot- the intrigue starts in book one. And Sellars doesn’t rest on her laurels in book two, Lightning Chasers, or book three, Unexpected Lightning, either. The mainstay may be the cast but the intrigue is the true show stopper in each of the stories; be prepared for more surprises than in a game of pass the parcel. Twists and turns ensure that whatever you think you know, is sure to be nothing but an intentional smokescreen.

Book One: Lightning Strikes

Successful business woman, Parker Duncan, has washed her hands of love having walked in on her wife of 10 years with another woman. As she slowly pieces her life back together, she hadn’t banked on running into Sydney (Syd) Hyatt, let alone end up living across from her.

Syd doesn’t do love and doesn’t intend to; as far as she’s concerned one night stands are more than enough for her needs. Not to mention that her job as owner of D.R.I.F.T. (Digital Reconstruction and Independent Forensic Technology) comes first.

As Parker and Syd’s paths become intertwined, feelings begin to grow. Unfortunately, those feelings aren’t just between Parker and Syd – it would seem that not all of Syd’s one night stands were as understanding of the one night aspect. Chalking up the unwanted attention to someone who just won’t take no for answer and despite enlisting the advice and help of Parker’s friend Jenny and her wife, police officer Mack, neither Syd nor Parker foresee the dangerous turn in events…

Book Two: Lightning Chasers

The unexpected murder of a mutual friend and fellow police officer sees Syd join forces with Mack and the Silver Lake Police department to apprehend the killer. As the investigation grows all is not quite as Syd and Mack have been lead to believe, in fact someone is doing everything they can to keep the truth from coming out including reassigning Mack to another squad; and that’s not the only action they are prepared to take to protect the corruption they are part of.

Lightning Chasers sees Syd and Parker’s relationship continue to develop but their journey doesn’t serve as the most prominent aspect of the story. Instead Sellars has the intrigue drive the plot, using the characters’ desire and focus to obtain justice to explore and test their connections. Whilst book two revolves around unravelling the mystery of their friend’s death, readers also get to know Mack and Jenny on a deeper level and are introduced to more well-rounded support characters in the form of Taylor, Darcey and Mia.

Book Three: Unexpected Lightning

Whilst Lightning Strikes served as Sellars’ debut novel, Unexpected Lightning pays homage to her continuing success as an author. Full of suspense and with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster, the author’s development is clear to see throughout book three.

Having agreed to host a work party for Parker’s colleagues, Syd and Parker have no idea of the unhinged stranger they’ve unknowingly invited into their home. What starts off as simple admiration quickly becomes obsession and as the stranger’s fascination with his target escalates, their intentions become all the more threatening.

Unperturbed by the threat to her own safety Syd dedicates every moment, with the help of Mack, to finding out who has fixated their attention on Parker. Whist she’ll stop at nothing to keep Parker safe, she might lose her in the process; an unexpected plot twist might also see Parker lose Syd…

A high stakes game of cat and mouse, the ending is sure to leave you reeling.

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