5* Review: Vision of Virtue – Brey Willows

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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A Memory’s Muses novel – Book 2

Snow, gods and reindeers. There’s a lot of activities you could conjure up with those three words, A-L-O-T

Gods riding reindeers in crispy fresh snow would not have sprung to my mind, but I’m so freaking glad it sprang from Brey Willows’. The part where gods ride said reindeers is such a relatively tiny event in Vision of Virtue, and yet, it’s a literal poster child for Willows’ phantasmagorical writing.

I don’t hide how much I love and enjoy Willows’ work, her ability to take the incidental and create the most unimaginable scene for your minds eye, alongside her attention to detail to even the smallest aspect of a plot, give her stories a polished and faultless edge that exude creativity. These are all attributes which are displayed beautifully throughout this latest Memory’s Muses novel.

Clio Ardalides is the Muse of History and Virtue; content to showcase the fun, positive side of the gods on her TV show, she’s happy with her place in the spotlight (or so she tells herself). And then there’s Kit Kalloway, no-nonsense, sweary, and totally on the warpath. Kit is a truth chaser; after her prayers to save her parents went unanswered, she’s sought to hold the gods accountable for all the stuff they don’t do for people, and all the problems their presence creates. The thing is, Kit’s spent so much time dwelling amongst the darkness, she’s begun to forget that lightness does also exist.

Like chalk and cheese, Vision of Virtue is an opposites attract, enemies to lovers romance, where the last thing Clio or Kit wants is to be contracted to work together for a new TV show, but with no other options in sight it’s clear they’re going to be doing just that. As tensions, sexual and otherwise rise, a dire situation pushes both Clio’s and Kit’s emotions to the surface alongside some hard to hear home truths.

Juxtaposing light and dark, positive and negative; Clio and Kit struggle to work together. Their growing attraction to one another is undeniable even as they explore what it means to be their authentic selves, to navigate change on a global and individual scale, and to find love in the very last place they expected.

Finding love is one thing, but can Clio and Kit keep a hold of it? Can they find themselves and make room for love? And if they can’t, where does that leave them?

Memory’s Muses is shaping up to be a magnificent series. I’m tremendously excited that Willows continues to grow the Afterlife Inc. world with each new book and in the same breath continues to create stories that are original and refreshing, complimenting the series as whole. As a self confessed series fanatic, it’s wonderful to encounter characters from past books (in this one we get major cameos from Dani and Soc), and get a sneak peek at the next Muse in the series, Eris Ardalides – the Muse of Love. All too often larger series’ grow stagnant from repetition of storylines, or by focusing each installment on the same main character. It’s great to say that isn’t the case here!

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