5* Review: Covenant of Queens – Silvia Shaw

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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Book Three in the Rand series

In the Covenant of Queens you’re guaranteed magic, upon magic, upon magic.

Think of the most intricately woven tapestry you have ever laid eyes on and you might be halfway to the magnificent abundance of threads that this story contains. Pick a thread, any thread; they are all a spellbinding masterpiece.

Carrying on from book two (The Forgotten Realms), the war with the Crevlin is fast approaching with plenty still to do, not least uniting the various lands and people of Rand whilst locating the Crevlin’s elusive Time Gateway. Savannah as the Chosen One and wearer of the Circle of Sheda continues to be the main focal point of book three, now with a weighty ask upon her shoulders. Time is running out, for Savannah must unravel her own secrets and that of the royal bloodlines before the appearance of the third moon in Rand’s sky – an event which hasn’t happened for over two thousand years.

Meanwhile, whilst Savannah traverses Rand, readers are introduced to the latest romance between Queen Lilybeth of Beria and Countess Gladofin of the House of Amarim. At first glance an unlikely pairing given both are strong and independent women, and yet their burgeoning love and care for one another is seemingly inevitable.

Ultimately, what I love about this series and in particular this final book, is that the author keeps a fast and yet finely detailed pace throughout. There are more than a few surprises along the way, so much so, that upon closing the last page my first thought was, ‘Right, now I need to read all three books together to see that gigantic tapestry in all its multi-cultural, divine, glory’.

Covenant of Queens has a lot going on, but the story thrives because of that; think of it as a quest of sorts, with intricate moving parts or a high stakes chess game; only, one side is playing blind whilst they seek to unravel centuries old mysteries.

Silvia Shaw has created a truly enchanting and thrilling world and I have so thoroughly enjoyed discovering each and every thread of this story. In the final paragraphs the author leaves readers with a hint of hope for a future return to Rand. Fingers crossed!

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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