5* Review: Call to Me – Helena Harte

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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Call to Me is a story with a little bit of everything; hot sexy sex, sweet romance, totally cute rescue dog, great character development and strong side characters. There’s nothing not to like.

If I backtrack just a little – Call to Me was actually the author’s debut novel and despite having read Harte’s more recent releases, I think this one might actually be my favourite so far. Maybe it’s the rugged rapscallion of a dog, Java, that clinches it! Either way, it has been a pure delight to read.

Ash Smith is a recent university graduate with a passion for working with youths, and as it turns out, for rescuing dumped stray dogs no matter the cost. Abandoned as a baby and bounced from foster home to foster home, Ash knows she isn’t ready to be tied down, much less sign on the dotted line for a readymade family.

But, that was before she spotted Dr Evie Jackson stepping out of a sleek Audi TS RS Roadster in the parking lot of the Hound Hotel. Lovestruck at the sight of the beautiful apparition before her, Ash knows Java’s time in quarantine at the Hound Hotel has just got a whole lot more interesting.

As desire ripples from even the smallest of their encounters, Evie gives into her libido against her better judgement. Afterall, what harm can one lust filled night do? Surely scratching an itch can’t undo Evie’s steel resolve to remain not only unattached but focused solely on co-parenting her son, Izad, with his father and Evie’s best friend, Tal.

But when are feelings ever that simple, particularly after the best sex of your life?

As Ash and Evie struggle to keep their relationship purely platonic, a revelation and a crisis look set to help them on their way, unless that is they seek to answer love’s call rather than letting it walk on by.

In addition to Ash and Evie’s journey, what I loved about this novel is that Harte nimbly orchestrates a symphony of moving pieces throughout the core chapters of the book, which results in a polished ending akin to domino toppling; hitting mark after mark. A well thought out plot makes a good story excellent, and that’s particularly evident in Call to Me.

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