5* Review: Lines of Love – Brey Willows

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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A Memory’s Muses novel – Book 3

What happens when the Muse of Love retires, or worse, when she gets sued by the humans she’s supposed to inspire for dereliction of duty?

A class action lawsuit sees Eris Ardalides the Muse of Love in need of a lawyer, the human kind, and one who isn’t afraid to sit down at the table with the gods and immortals. Disillusioned with the concept of love but more than happy to pursue sexual conquests, it just so happens that Eris might have unknowingly met (or more specifically fucked) just such a lawyer at her bar – the Infinite Club.

“Dude. That’s amazing. Suing a goddess of love because your love life is shitty. Beyond insane.”

Brey Willows, Lines of Love

As ice breakers go, hot, sweaty sex with a handsome butch is a sure fire way to jump start any relationship. But, Grace Gordon is on track to make partner at law firm Kline and Associates, so whilst she’s willing to stick her neck on the line to speed up her professional advancement by taking on Eris’ case, doing so for anything else, including love just isn’t part of the plan. Not to mention that having seen how disastrous love can be via her parents own failed relationship, Grace has a dutiful box ticking list of criteria for potential love matches to meet.

None of which should be an issue for Eris, who seems to have given up not only on love but on being the muse of it too. Jaded from centuries of observing and experiencing superficial love, Eris is blindsided by the humans attempt to sue her, to blame her, of all the immortals and gods for their inability to express their own thoughts and emotions, when most importantly they’ve forgotten how to truly feel love.

But humans are about to find out in a spectacular fashion just exactly what a world devoid of love and all its sibling components looks like. Clearly pissing off the gods has far reaching consequences.

“My dear, the world burns to the ground all the time. We’re just really good at walking through the flames.”

Brey Willows, Lines of Love

Brey Willows’ work simply never fails to astound me; every book inches the proverbial bar ever higher, with this perhaps being my favourite of the Muses series thus far. Lines of Love is the perfect mix of romance and fantasy and a prime example of Willows’ ability to mix profound and often intense topics with her trademark (and deftly situated) quips.

A selection box of delights, this review could stretch for days – there’s so much to savor in Lines of Love. In a book all about the Muse of Love, it was heartening to find a non-binary character nestled amongst the pages, as if they’d always belonged there (and they do), their side journey a true testament to the mantra, love is love.

With a cast of both new and old characters (including Vision of Virtue’s reindeer riding, human loving Prometheus, as well as the formidable Afterlife Inc. Fury sisters), there’s plenty going on to lose yourself in. The pinnacle however resides in the last third of the story, a section which will have your eyes firmly glued to the pages. Whilst a deadly surprise ups the ante for humans, immortals, and gods alike, the true wonder is in Eris’ beautifully hopeful and inspiring proclamation about love; a message she was literally born to in part upon the world – and what a priceless message for Willows to gift her readers with. A wonderful reminder of everything love has to offer and everything it shouldn’t be.

“Love is more powerful than most anything you can imagine”

Brey Willows, Lines of Love

I received an ARC of this book for review from Bold Strokes Books via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

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