Top 5 Spotlight for 2022

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Of the 90 books I’ve managed to carve out time to read this year, I genuinely didn’t think I’d have trouble picking out a LGBTQ+ top 5 to end 2022 with; but it’s surprising when you scroll back to the beginning of whichever tracker you use quite what one has managed to squeeze in to 365 days.

So without further ado, here’s my top 5 books (in no particular order) that have given me many things to ponder, places to escape to, and emotional depths to fall into.

  1. Rand by Silvia Shaw – A fantastic beginning to a series which is so easy to get lost in. A story which at its core is a magical melting pot of fantasy, from telepathic flying horses to a shapeshifting warrior come hawk; this book will set your imagination alight.
  2. Dead Pretty by Robyn Nyx – Showcasing Nyx’s talent for writing strong butch/femme characters, Dead Pretty is a romantic suspense/thriller which will have you asking ‘who did it’ right to the very end. The tagline says it all “An FBI agent, a TV Star, and a serial killer. Love hurts.”
  3. The Forever and The Now by KJ – Do not expect to get through this book without crying, it’s virtually impossible. A true triumph and a reminder to us all to cherish our person every god damn single day. Reviews won’t do this deeply emotive story justice.
  4. Zamira Saliev by Valden Bush – The start of a new series which I’m excited to read more of. A gripping adventure with a strong military vibe, what I loved about this story is the author’s ability to engage readers with the characters’ journey across a barren landscape.
  5. Lines of Love by Brey Willows – looking for a book all about love? Then look no further than this aptly titled book where you’ll find a (retired) Muse of Love and a divorce lawyer. The lines have been well and truly drawn and you’re about to discover the importance, and meaning of love in all its various forms. Happy ponderings and happy loving!

For anybody who reads outside of the lesfic niche, there’s one more book I adored this year which has an implied Sapphic leaning (hence its inclusion here) – The Book Eaters by Sunyi Dean. Every bit as intriguing as its title suggests this is a dark and thrilling urban fantasy, where it’s not only books that are on the menu.

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