4* Review: Call of Love – Lee Haven

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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The release of an author’s debut book is an exciting time; not lest because as a reader, it’s an opportunity to discover new voices.

With that in mind, what I really loved about Lee Haven’s debut – Call of Love – is that despite residing in the jam-packed romance genre, Lee’s voice absolutely stands out from the crowd. The story the author has created is original, and the plot is unusual – even set against the backdrop of the obligatory ‘Happily Ever After’ expectation of this particular genre.

Looking into Kate’s eyes had always made her soul feel at peace, but today it left her untethered like someone cut loose her reason to be.

Lee Haven, Call of Love

From the get go, the opening chapter gives a feel for the emotional journey readers are about to embark upon, alongside main characters – Parker and Kate. Once childhood sweethearts, Parker is now a serving Marine, and Kate an interior designer, have spent years silently separated by ultimatums and misguided self-sacrifices. But when Parker is posted back to her hometown of Washington D.C., she simultaneously learns that her foster sibling’s health has taken a drastic turn for the worse.

An emotive second chance romance, there’s more the Parker and Kate’s story than meets the eye. As Parker tries to out run the storm of her own internal angst, navigating long since crumbled family relationships pushes her to the very edge. But with the odds of survival stacked against Kate, Parker must use all of her strength to facedown the demons of her past if she is to save the life of the woman she has never once stopped loving. And maybe, just maybe, others will heed the call of love along the way if it means saving all that was once thought lost.

I was pleasantly surprised (for a debut novel) by the intricate layers that make up a Call of Love, which for the most part flow seamlessly, ultimately fabricating a uniquely heart-warming tale of enduring love and familial redemption. If you enjoy romance stories with a high degree of emotional complexity and fervour this is the book for you!

“Sit down”… She poured a cup of coffee and added creamer. “How do you take your coffee?”

“Black.” Like my soul. Parker settled on a stool.

Lee Haven, Call of Love

I received an ARC of this book from Butterworth Books in exchange for an honest review.

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