5* Review: The Blood-Born Dragon – J.C. Rycroft

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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Book One of The Everlands Cycle series

The Blood-Born Dragon is a fabulous debut novel by author J.C. Rycroft, which weaves a tale of mystery, adventure and betrayal. An epic fantasy with a core Sapphic enemies to lovers trope, this is an action packed story and one which leaves you very much wanting more.

Despite having read the short story prequel (A Hired Blade – which I highly recommend if you want to know more about Des’ background), I found The Blood-Born Dragon a little slow to start, but oh my days does that soon change.

Des Mildue is a travelling sellsword in Rescalin, keeping her head down and her nose clean, or at least trying to. What she didn’t happen on was ‘birthing’ a bright, sparkly blue, fire breathing, sassy dragon called Esquidamelion, aka Squid. The first dragon born in half a century and now blood-bonded to Des, and if that weren’t enough to warp Des’ mind, Squid can also bend time! But there’s little in the way of time for Des to realise the significance of what she’s just accidentally unleashed, because all of Rescalin is after getting their hands on Squid, including Des’ devious, faithless, and yet nevertheless enchanting ex, Liv; the last person she wants to be around.

By the end I loved the pace of this story, it’s quick and unyielding which lends itself nicely to the underlying danger and urgency of the overall plot. Rycroft has created an array of supporting characters to love, my favourite being Elouise, a Duchess, who downright oozes sexual prowess, and who I firmly want to see hook up with Des!

For a debut novel, the author has done a fantastic job of keeping readers on their toes. What you think you’ve figured out, you really haven’t. The end of this first book creates more questions than it provides answers. And I so, so, so can’t wait for the second installment. I want to know what happens next, and I want to see and hear more from Des and Squid’s adventures as together they try to save Rescalin’s future.

I received an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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