4* Review: Hotel Queens – Lee Winter

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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I enjoyed this book but i didn’t love it like i expected to, that by no means makes it a bad story – it just wasn’t what i anticipated.

Ice Queens (for me) are often hard nosed, difficult to reach and usually appear emotionless on the surface. And so i expected to see a firecracker of a ‘Fire Queen’ waltz in and start demolishing those barriers.
With Amelia and Kai i think the ‘Queen’ aspect is more addressed from their standpoint as being top of their fields and to some degree and for different reasons, emotionally unavailable.

They are completely different in character and whilst that does ram up the tension, i didn’t think there was enough overall between them – though there was plenty within the plot itself, with regards to their hotel business dealings.

Overall, i’d still recommend this book to others. The heat was there, especially that first kiss! I enjoyed the human justice/corporate greed aspect of the storyline. And there are certainly two strong supporting characters, Quinn and Milly, which i could see somewhere further down the road in their own story.

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