5* Review: No Good Reason – Cari Hunter

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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Book One in the Dark Peak Series

I really enjoyed this story, whilst i haven’t read many of Cari Hunter’s books i know i’ll be hard pushed to find one i don’t like when i read the rest!

Personally, i think Cari writes the perfect mix of mystery/thriller, police/medical themed stories with a side of romance and No Good Reason is a fine example of the authors skill.

One of the aspects i most adore about this story is that it’s set in Northern England and it’s so very British. I’m able to obtain such a sense of familiarity and feeling of home from the language used and the images depicted.

How truly awesome is it to be able to read a wlw story that is in a genre that i enjoy and that as a reader i identify with on so many levels, especially when the story is set within an area of the world i call home.

No Good Reason was such a privilege to read and i can’t wait to see what Meg and Sanne get upto next!

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