4* Review: Swift Vengeance – Jean Copeland, Jackie D., Erin Zak

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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I was initially drawn to this book due to its collaborative nature, having been produced by 3 authors writing one story together.

The concept alone, was unusual and intriguing enough to want to know more, and to see how the authors would make it work on the page.

Overall, i felt the concept landed seamlessly, the story didn’t feel disjointed at any point and i didn’t find it obvious who had written which sections despite knowing that some of the main characters and/or locations stemmed from the authors’ previous works.
In fact, I’d actually love to know who wrote the viewpoint of the psychopath!

Aside from the flow of the story, i enjoyed getting to know all the main characters.

Leslie and Alice are adorable and i really enjoyed that they weren’t portrayed to be a ‘past it’ older couple. They’re active, humorous and still have a zest for life and each other in their twilight years.

Meanwhile Brittany and Toni are both battling their own demons and whilst they hit it off fairly quickly, the progression of their romantic relationship, in particular when life decisions had to be made, felt more realistic than some romance plots.
It was refreshing not to see a couple rush off into the sunset madly in love without any consideration of what they want in the present or in the future.

For anyone who’s had personal experience of having their trust broken, Toni’s outburst at Brittany covering up her visions, will ring true with its emotional rawness.

In essence a solid 4/5, the story is emotionally led from every angle and successfully integrates a suspense/thriller plot with a sound yet realistic romance and slight paranormal twist.
I held back a star, as i like my thrillers on the darker side, that being said, for a collaborative story such as this, from predominately romance writers, the dangerous, suspenseful side of the story was darker than i had anticipated! 

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